EDM 159: Ravencraig’s Steel Man Structure

18th June 2015

Ravenscraig’s Steel Man Structure
Session: 2015-16
Date tabled: 18.06.2015
Primary sponsor: Marion Fellows
Sponsors: Owen Thompson, Margaret Ferrier, Calum Kerr, Nick Thomas-Symonds, Christopher Stephens

That this House welcomes the unveiling of the sculpture, Steel Man, at the site of the former Ravenscraig steel works in Lanarkshire; pays tribute to the former steelworkers and trade unionists who raised funds and commissioned this significant work of remembrance; congratulates the sculptor Andy Scott for creating a fitting tribute to employees at the plant and beyond who left for work to make steel one day but did not come home; remembers the significance of the Ravenscraig works to Lanarkshire and the wider steel industry, which employed 15,000 workers at its peak and occupied twice the land area of Monaco; and further welcomes the continued importance of the steel industry to the area, which is built on the skills and hard work of our modern day steel men and women.

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