Say no to bombing Syria

3rd December 2015

Despite 97% of Scotland’s MPs and 72% of the Scottish public opposing intervention in Syria, Scotland has been dragged into another illegal war.

The SNP has found the Tories’ arguments for war lacking. Lacking in both moral and legal legitimacy. The Prime Minister is desperate to rush to war in a country that is rife with overlapping alliances and rivalries without any clear strategy or endgame that would only destabilise the region further.

The Government supports bombing Daesh without acknowledging the actions that our supposed ally, Turkey, are taking against the Kurds who are the only reliable force fighting Daesh. There have been no agreements made with the Kurds – not even the promise of an eventual homeland for their sacrifice.

The Tories and some Labour MPs have failed to learn the lessons from the Iraq War in 2003. The war served as a drain on UK finances, but more importantly, claimed the lives of millions of innocent civilians. Western intervention in the region has been used a recruitment tool for Daesh to grow their numbers leading to the issues we are facing today.

It is apparent that even during times of austerity that cuts deeply into our communities, when no money can be found for the steelworks, council workers, HMRC offices, hospitals, schools or welfare; there is always money for war. I believe that we should be investing in building our societies; not tearing them down.

The attacks in Paris were horrific. However, we must recognise that bombs will not prevent such attacks here or elsewhere. These are symbolic acts of warfare that will make no material difference. The UK Government has been bombing Daesh in Iraq and still the Paris attacks happened. There is no clear solution to fighting Daesh, especially when the region is so unstable and the problem so complex.

Therefore war must be avoided and peaceful solutions sought. I ask that those who oppose war, SNP or not, sign this petition and say: Not In My Name.