8th January 2016

This week, Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, called on the UK Government to assess the impact of Tory welfare cuts on high rates of fuel poverty.

This comes as a recent report by charity Turn2us has found that one in two low income households struggle to afford their household energy costs.

Mrs Fellows questioned the Secretary of State for Energy, Amber Rudd MP, in the House of Commons.

Mrs Fellows commented:

“The effects of Tory austerity and welfare cuts are one of the most common issues that constituents approach my office with.

Austerity has caused thousands to turn to foodbanks to feed themselves and now Tory policies are preventing people from even being able to keep themselves warm in the winter months. Households, many with children, are choosing between heating and eating. In a country as wealthy as ours, this is an outrage.

The Secretary of State’s response was extremely lacklustre and provided no assurances or indications that the Tory government would launch an enquiry into the effects of their austerity agenda.”