This Week #9

7th March 2016

Monday (29th February 2016)

On Monday, Marion attended the Main Chamber debate on the UK Steel Industry and delivered a fantastic speech, in which she attacked the UK Government’s support of market economy status for China and championed the efforts by the Scottish Government in the ongoing battle to save the steel industry.



Tuesday (1st March 2016)

Tuesday brought with it numerous meetings and parliamentary duties. However, one event in particular was to become the highlight of Marion’s week/month/year/decade/life, going into full fan-girl mode when given the opportunity to meet Hollywood superstar Richard Gere!


Wednesday (2nd March 2016)

On Wednesday, Marion attended the weekly meeting of the Education Select Committee to discuss the mental health and well-being of looked after children before Prime Minister’s Questions.

Marion also took time to show her support for the WWF’s Earth Hour 2016 campaign. Every year Earth Hour brings millions of people together to take simple actions, notably turning off their lights for one hour to demonstrate their support for Planet Earth and its future. This year’s Earth Hour will be occurring at 8.30pm on Saturday 19th March.


Thursday (3rd March 2016)


Friday (4th March 2016)

Marion spent Friday morning at the Motherwell campus of New College Lanarkshire, checking out the facilities and having a fantastic discussion with Principal and Chief Executive Martin McGuire. As a former lecturer and Education Institute of Scotland (EIS) representative, Marion has a real passion for further education and the meeting was a very worthwhile one. The Motherwell & Wishaw MP also spent some time having a great chat with Student Association President Ashley Hickford, discussing the positives and negatives of student life at the college.


Marion meets with New College Lanarkshire Principal Martin McGuire.

Later in the day, Marion held her monthly constituency office surgery in the Dalziel Building, Motherwell, meeting local people and providing as much assistance as possible where required.


Saturday (5th March 2016)

On Saturday, Marion held the second of her March surgeries, this time in Wishaw Library. For details on this and all other surgeries, please click here.