Save our Lanarkshire Autism “One Stop Shop” Petition

3rd May 2016

Petition: Save our Lanarkshire Autism “One Stop Shop”

The Scottish Government set up the Autism One Stop Shops to offer support and advice to both children and adults with autism as well their families and professionals. The funding is now due to change hands from the Government to the local councils. The local councils are not committing to funding them which is going to result in closure within the next two months.

The One Stop Shop offers an advice line, drop in sessions, one to one appointments, workshops, support groups, a resource room full of books and information. As a parent when your child is diagnosed you are given two things:- a list of books to read and the contact details of the local One Stop Shop. With no one to turn to I phoned them and spoke to an advisor who met with me later that day. They have been the most wonderful support for myself, my daughter and the rest of my family. Without them my life would have fallen apart.

The One Stop Shop supports the whole of both North and South Lanrkshire. Hundreds of families who will be affected by its closure.

Please save our One Stop Shop.

Please sign this petition.