5th July 2016

27th June – 3rd July 2016


Monday brought with it a busy day of meetings for Marion as SNP MPs at Westminster reacted to the EU referendum result.


On Tuesday, Marion had another busy day at Westminster, attending meetings, briefings and receptions over the course of the day and evening.

Two statements were also released by the Motherwell & Wishaw MP over the course of the day – one on the M&Ds incident and another on the EU referendum result.


Wednesday saw the weekly meeting of the Education Select Committee ahead of Prime Minister’s Questions. This was followed by the WASPI demo on College Green which Marion was keen to support.

Wednesday also included a response from James Brokenshire MP, Minister for Immigration, to Marion’s written question on fees and charges associated with British citizenship:

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, for what reasons applicants are charged to apply for (a) naturalisation to become a British citizen and (b) registration to become a British citizen; and how those charges are calculated.

Mr Brokenshire’s response was as follows:

Fees for applications for naturalisation and registration for British citizenship are charged to cover the cost of processing such applications and contribute to the wider costs of operating the border, immigration and citizenship system. Fee levels are set in accordance with sections 68 to 70 of the Immigration Act 2014, and take account of a range of factors including the administration costs associated with an application and the various benefits and entitlements that applicants may receive from British citizenship.


DirectorySignThursday marked the launch of Marion’s new Support Directory on her website, providing local people with an easy-to-use directory of local services and organisations who may be able to provide assistance and support, particularly with issues outwith the MP’s remit. The directory will also remain a “work-in-progress” for as long as Marion is in office, with new listings added frequently as we look to make it as extensive and far reaching as we possibly can.