All but one of Scotland’s MPs voted against Trident renewal

19th July 2016

Theresa May has claimed to be a Prime Minister who will represent all of the UK. But, despite 58 of Scotland’s 59 MPs voting against Trident; despite 96 out of 129 of Scotland’s MSPs voting against also; despite countless Scottish trade unions, churches and other bodies opposing nuclear weapons, these weapons of mass destruction will still be based on the Clyde.

During times of austerity and one of the most far right governments in the modern era, we cannot afford to waste £179 billion on weapons which do not keep us safe from the main threat we face today: international terrorism.

We have been told we cannot afford to fund renewables; we cannot afford public sector jobs; we cannot afford to support the disabled; we cannot afford to help the homeless, but we are expected to believe that we can afford nuclear weapons which do not keep us safe and in fact pose a threat to the security of Scotland.

It is reflective of the UK Government’s priorities that they can find money for nuclear weapons and base them on the Clyde against the express will of the Scottish people. These relics of the Cold War must be abolished and removed from the Clyde.

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