International Day of the Disappeared

30th August 2016

Today is International Day of the Disappeared where we remember those who have gone missing by conflict, crime, disaster, migration, and in many cases, enforced disappearance.

This day is particularly prevalent in recent times as the Syrian Government is thought to have used “enforced disappearance” on tens of thousands of people since 2011. These are often individuals using their free speech – a fundamental right we can take for granted – against the government. People are taken from the street and their fate remains unknown to their family and friends.

This too has occurred recently in Turkey following the failed military coup which has seen thousands arrested. But for years, a great number of Kurdish people have also gone missing as the government attempts to clamp down on their political expression.

These experiences are not uncommon elsewhere, including Egypt, China, Zimbabwe and Mexico. We must remember those that have disappeared and do what we can to ensure their safe return.

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