Wishaw Press

31st August 2016

I know that many of you will want to take part in the SNP’s listening exercise  which is seeking to gain a nationwide understanding of people’s views on Europe, Brexit and independence to grow consensus across Scotland in the wake of recent political events. Now is the time to have your say either online or in person.

I was delighted that North Lanarkshire Council have had an increase in funding from £17 to £23 million from the Scottish Government’s through the Affordable Housing Supply programme. The Council’s allocation has increased from £17 to £23 Million per year as the Scottish Government will now contribute £59,000 per house built. As the majority of the new houses will be built on Council owned land this is a great deal for local communities.

During the Parliamentary  recess I have been out and about locally to meet charities and organisations who are doing great work to help people in Wishaw and beyond.

I recently met with the new General Manager of Motherwell FC Community Trust Dawn Middleton and Business and Administration Manager Alison Wallace. We talked about the great work the Trust is doing in different ways helping people of all ages become more active, hosting special events and dealing directly with other local agencies to help them improve local lives. They do amazing work with Dementia sufferers and their families and offer work experience to young people which helps them develop skills employers are looking for. We also discussed new programmes some of which are about developing leadership skills in young women.

I visited Police Scotland’s Annual Fun Day at Motherwell Police Station and was delighted to meet and talk to many local people who were enjoying the day. It was a great afternoon and although I was accused of setting a bad example when I took a baseball bat to a riot shield held by a police “volunteer”.  I gave it my best shot I was outmatched by a six year old who went after me!

I return to Westminster on 5 September when we will discuss the Finance Bill which will now be steered through Parliament by Philip Hammond who replaced him. The result of the Brexit vote will inform many of the debates in the new session of Parliament and it remains vital that the SNP MPs constantly challenge the Government and continue to be Scotland’s voice at Westminster as Labour at Westminster no matter what the result of their Leadership election remain bitterly divided.

As usual my office has been busy dealing with constituent’s issues and judging from the feedback we are receiving people are appreciative of the very hard work my staff do on their behalf.