Tax Credits

26th September 2016

Many low income families across Scotland have experienced major difficulties with their tax credit payments as a result of Concentrix’s shambolic handling of cases.

As a result, these families, already struggling, have been put under more and more pressure. This is unacceptable. People rely on these payments for their financial security.

Many families have had their tax credits stopped for a variety of bizarre reasons which have no basis in reality or logic. For example, one victim of Concentrix’s mishandling was accused of living with their neighbour’s ex-wife.

Following sustained pressure from the SNP benches, the UK Government are now intervening on this urgent matter which must be extremely distressing to many families. I am glad that the contract with Concentrix will not be renewed.

I am appealing to constituents to get in touch with my office if they their tax credits have been stopped or even if they have an issue with any other matter. Local people need to know that there is someone in their community to fight for them when the UK Government and their departments won’t listen.

Read more about this in the Motherwell Times.

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