Boundary Commission Consultation

25th October 2016

I was elected to represent the people of Motherwell and Wishaw in 2015 and I am totally focused on that job.

The proposals to cut the number of elected representatives in Scotland from 59 to 53 are unacceptable.

At a time when Scotland already faces a deep and growing democratic deficit, with a Tory government that we didn’t vote for imposing increasingly right-wing policies against our will, it is vital that the Scottish people have strong elected representation at Westminster to stand up for Scotland’s interests and to hold the UK government to account.

Furthermore, it is outrageous and undemocratic that the UK government is planning to cut the number of Scottish MPs while it continues to pack the unelected and unaccountable House of Lords with yet more Tory donors and cronies to do the government’s bidding.

Under this government the already bloated House of Lords has grown to over 800 members and is now the second largest legislature in the world – second only to the National People’s Congress of China – costing the Scottish taxpayer millions every year and making a mockery of the Tory claim that reducing the number of Scottish MPs is an attempt to cut the cost of politics.

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