Child Maintenance Service

27th October 2016

Since elected, I have assisted a number of people with their issues with the Child Maintenance Service. Each time, the same issues arise where receiving parents find that they receive very little help from CMS to enforce payments from the paying parent their child is entitled to.

The Committee for Work and Pensions have launched an inquiry into the Child Maintenance Service and its effectiveness. One Parent Families Scotland made a submission to this inquiry and in their research found that:

• 78% of Parents with Care said the Child Maintenance Service was performing poorly or very poorly.
• In terms of enforcement action in ensuring children receive the payments, 80% felt it was ineffective or extremely ineffective at enforcing payments.
• The £20 application fee had a negative impact on 63 % of parents surveyed
• Over two thirds of parents felt Direct Pay wasn’t working well.

The UK Government must take action to create a child support system that work for parents and most importantly, their children.

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