This Week #36

28th November 2016

14th – 27th November

For the majority of the last two weeks, Marion has been in Finland and South Korea as part of a delegation of MPs from the Education Select Committee.

The education systems in both countries are “hailed internationally for their extremely high educational outcomes” and so it was a fantastic opportunity for the Select Committee to undertake a worthwhile fact-finding trip.

The South Korean system has historically prioritised teacher-led learning and intensive study as a means to socio-economic progress. The Finnish system has traditionally emphasised the development of students as individuals and has focused on instilling creativity, ethics, and social responsibility.

As a former lecturer, Marion has a huge passion for education and takes her work with the Education Select Committee very seriously. The Motherwell and Wishaw MP will continue to use her vast experience in the education sector to contribute as much as she can to both the Select Committee and the UK Parliament as a whole.