Theresa May’s Brexit Statement

17th January 2017

Theresa May has given a statement today bringing a hard Tory Brexit ever closer and increasing the threat of us being taken out of a single market eight times bigger than the UK’s.

The Scottish Government has put forward a compromise plan to keep Scotland in the Single Market even if the rest of the UK leaves – we expect the Prime Minister to live up to her promise and give those proposals proper consideration. She must demonstrate what she means by a “family of nations”.

Scotland is firmly opposed to a hard Tory Brexit and its disastrous economic consequences, which are underlined by the fact the Pound has been plummeting on the international markets, hitting its lowest level in more than three months.

The UK government is on a collision course with itself. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has been clear himself, “I would like to see us negotiating access to the single market for Britain’s businesses”. At this stage, it is difficult to believe anything the Tories say on Brexit.