International Women’s Day

8th March 2017

Today is International Women’s Day and we must celebrate the achievements and contributions that women of all ages across the world make to society and our day-to-day lives.

Powerful women across the decades and centuries have fought fiercely for their rights and equality. Progress has been made, but there is work still to do to tackle attitudes, sexual assault, and the gender pay gap to name but a few issues. It is essential that we instil in our young women that they are equal and capable so that we may see more of them in our Parliaments, local councils and board rooms in the future.

Incidentally, today is also budget day. On this day, the Chancellor must protect vital services, in particular welfare, on which women and families disproportionately rely. He must also heed the calls to scrap the maintenance tax for victims who suffered from domestic abuse and whose ex-partners do not pay their full maintenance.

There is an opportunity for the Chancellor to protect women in this year’s budget. The only way we can advance the work of women in public and private life now and for the future is by investing in them and taking steps to protect their rights.