Boundary Commission Proposals

20th March 2017

People urged to have their say on plans to wipe Wishaw off the Westminster electoral map.

The recent proposals would see the towns of Motherwell and Wishaw divided. The plans take no account of the strong ties between these two communities and satellite towns and villages.

Ignoring community ties and creating new constituencies based only on numbers is a cold exercise in numbers and does not respect the important links between the communities.

Proposals would also see the constituency fall within North and South Lanarkshire Councils. I assist people with council matters on a daily basis and this will undoubtedly make resolving peoples’ issues more time consuming.

The SNP are opposed to any plans which will see a decrease in Scottish representation at Westminster. These boundary changes will decrease in Scottish MPs from 59 to 53.

While attempts are made to cut the overall number of MPs from 650 to 600, the Tories and Labour stuff the House of Lords with their cronies which now holds 812 unelected peers. This is an insult to democracy and to Scotland.

These are only proposals as yet. It is essential that we keep the communities of Motherwell and Wishaw together as a constituency.