10th May 2017

SNP MP candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw, Marion Fellows, has launched her re-election campaign saying she is standing on her “strong record” representing local people.

Mrs Fellows served as a Wishaw councillor from 2012 to 2015 when she was elected as the MP for Motherwell and Wishaw which she says makes her an “experienced local champion”.

Local woman Marion also said she wants to be a strong voice for Scotland against an increasingly right wing Tory party.

Figures from her office show that since over two years, she has helped local people with over 4,600 issues.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“It has been privilege to serve the community as the MP for the past two years. I have focussed on the issues important to ordinary people: supporting our community; fighting Tory austerity; and growing our local economy. If re-elected, these issues will remain my top priority.

“In supporting our community, I want to continue to make myself available to local people and organisations to assist them and take their issues to Parliament.

“I want to continue opposing Tory cuts at every turn which are crippling our economy, public services and attacking the poor and vulnerable.

“And I want to continue growing our local economy. I was extremely proud to be a part of the Scottish Government’s Steel Task Force which secured a future for our steelworks and hundreds of jobs.

“This election is an opportunity for people to elect an experienced local champion. I have a strong record and pledge to continue to be a strong voice for ordinary people and Scotland against an increasingly right wing Tory party that thinks it can do what it wants to Scotland and get away with it.”