11th May 2017

Motherwell and Wishaw SNP MP candidate, Marion Fellows, says the momentum is with the SNP following this month’s council elections which saw the SNP become the largest party in North Lanarkshire as she launched her re-election campaign.

Mrs Fellows made the statement last week at the opening of her campaign hub on Motherwell’s Merry Street.

Mrs Fellows served as a North Lanarkshire Councillor from 2012 to 2015 when she was elected as the MP for Motherwell and Wishaw.

She became the SNP’s Pensioners’ Champion supporting the WASPI campaign to secure pension rights and is also a leading voice in calls for reforms to the Child Maintenance Service.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“The local SNP are already raring to go following our recent election win resulting in the SNP becoming the largest party in North Lanarkshire. The momentum is with us!

“The Tories made gains while Labour reduced their numbers. Labour are in disarray meaning that it is the SNP that can provide the only effective opposition to Tories in Westminster.

“The SNP are committed to tackling the Tories’ narrow minded and austerity obsessed agenda which is crippling our economy, public services and tearing the fabric of our communities apart.

“The Tories think they can do what they want to Scotland and get away with it. The SNP will make them think twice.

“I will be a strong voice for Scotland and for people in Motherwell, Wishaw and Bellshill and I hope that local people re-elect me to be their experienced local champion.”