Parliamentary Candidate Pledge

16th May 2017

I’ve signed the Parliamentary Candidate pledge to welcome refugees.

With recent events in Wishaw in mind, I understand why some people are angry that they cannot get a council house or an affordable private let. I help many people in this position on a day to day basis.

What is important is where we direct our frustration. A Tory Government has cut and cut and cut to the point where many of our public services are running on fumes. Refugees and immigrants are not responsible for a lack of housing. It is Tory Governments that we do not elect who are responsible for cutting Scotland’s budget year on year making it harder and harder to do the things people in Scotland want.

The SNP in Holyrood has done what it can to protect the services we hold dear as much as possible. But without all of the economic levers in Scotland, we can only do so much. For example, in the last Parliament, the SNP built over 30,000 affordable homes and will build an additional 50,000 in this Parliament.

We can do so much more if we had the powers to – devolved or as an independent country. We can create a home for all. But we must not allow the Tories and their friends in the city to drive a wedge between ordinary people whose only want is to live in peace and comfort.