21st June 2017

Marion Fellows, SNP MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, has said that more powers for the Scottish Parliament should be one of the party’s top priorities during this Parliament.

New powers were devolved to the Scottish Parliament following the 2014 independence referendum and a massive SNP victory in the 2015 General Election.

The SNP included further devolution in their 2017 manifesto. The MP says that the SNP’s victory in the snap General Election with 35 of 59 MPs demonstrates a clear desire and mandate for yet more powers to be devolved.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“The SNP’s manifesto called on more powers for the Scottish Parliament and Scotland has voted for that pledge to be fulfilled.

“The Scottish Parliament received new powers last year that the Scottish Government are beginning to put to good use. For example, we are breaking away from the Tories’ welfare regime of sanctions and unfair disability assessments to build a system of dignity and respect.

“However some of the powers, such as control of income tax, is difficult to use while Westminster still holds the powers to tackle tax evasion which makes it easier for people to register their tax in England to pay a lower rate.

“When the Tories are teaming up with the far right DUP, Scottish parties must unite to take these powers out of Theresa May’s hands and into Scotland’s.

“With Brexit, there is an opportunity for powers over agriculture and fisheries for example to be returned to the Scottish Parliament. With the Great Repeal Bill, it is essential that Westminster is not able to hold onto powers that are rightfully Scotland’s in a power grab.

“Further tax, employment and pension powers must be a key priority. We shouldn’t allow the Tories to allow tax evasion while ordinary people pay their fair share; we shouldn’t allow people to work for poverty wages; and we shouldn’t allow people who have paid into the pension pot have their retirement ruined.”