23rd June 2017

Marion Fellows, MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, has condemned the Tories’ persistence to pursue their ‘benefit cap’, which would leave 60 families in Motherwell and Wishaw without essential support, despite being declared unlawful by the High Court.

The ‘benefit cap’ limits household welfare at £500 per week for a family (£26,000 per year) and £350 per week (£18,200 per year) for a single person with no children.

The court ruled that the policy unfairly penalised single parents as many were unable to work due to care needs in order to make up the financial shortfall. The judge said: “real misery is being caused for to good purpose”.

Figures from the House of Commons Library state that 60 households were affected by the cap in Motherwell and Wishaw in February 2017. £155 million is expected to be taken from families across the UK in 2017/18 alone.

Despite the High Court’s decision, the UK Government has stated that it will appeal the decision to get court approval for the cap.

Commenting, Marion said:

“There is only one word for this policy and UK Government: barbaric.

“The cap would cause real damage to families locally and nationally driving them into poverty when there is nothing these families can do.

“The UK Government is more concerned with going after poor and single parent families than making their friends in the city pay their fair share. Single parents and children did not cause the recession, wealthy bankers did. But our communities will pay the price.

“Despite the High Court’s ruling, the UK Government will spend more of your money appealing the decision so that they can continue to hound people who need help the most. People who are our friends and neighbours.

“People should not be fooled. The Tory party is no friend of ordinary people.”