Brexit: One shambles after another!

4th December 2017

ARTICLE: DUP vows to block any move that “separates” Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK

The UK Government is moving from one shambles to another over Brexit.

Scotland wants to be kept in the single market, but Theresa May has refused this. Yet, Northern Ireland is set to have economic frameworks in place that would keep it in the single market and trading with the Republic of Ireland. And when this was announced, the DUP – who are propping up the ailing Tories in Westminster – made a statement saying that they would oppose anything that would mean Northern Ireland has different economic frameworks from the rest of the UK.

If Northern Ireland can have different arrangements, then so too can Scotland. The Scottish Government outlined how it was possible last year in a detailed document.

We have seen fiasco after fiasco from the UK Government which is unwilling to listen. It’s time they got a grip and started acting in the interests of all parts of the UK rather than allow far right Brexiteers in her party dictate what happens.