The Scottish Government’s Budget

14th December 2017

The Scottish Government’s Budget today has ensured that many of our public services are protected from Tory cuts. While our budget has been cut from Westminster, using the powers we have the Scottish Government has reformed the income tax system to ensure those on lower incomes do not pay the price while making those on higher incomes pay their fair share. It is the most progressive income tax system in the UK. Here’s some key facts:

70% of tax payers will be paying less next year than they are now 

Over half will pay less income tax than is paid in the rest of the UK 

Public sector pay increase 

Additional funding for mental health services, particularly child and adolescent services 

£4 billion Investment in infrastructure 

£756m investment towards 50,000 affordable homes by 2021 goal (a portion of an overall £3billion investment) 

£400m increase in health resource funding and £110m investment in GP services and primary care 

£22.5m funding to protect culture and the arts 

Funding for ‘Ending Homelessness Together Fund’ 

£20.4 million of additional investment to protect the police revenue budget and an additional £5.5 million for the fire service 

£94m real terms increase in local government budget