This Week (2018): #2

30th January 2018

Monday 22nd January

It was back to work for Marion on Monday, as she continues to work hard for the people of the Motherwell & Wishaw constituency.

Tuesday 23rd January

On Tuesday, Marion met with Margaret Ann Jones from Motherwell & Wishaw Women’s Aid to hear more about the valuable work the organisation does in supporting vulnerable women and their children.

It was also a day for receiving answers from the UK Government, as Marion had a variety of questions answered on Carillion in Scotland, ESA tribunals, ESA appeals, and the issue of affordability for repatriating a family member who passes on abroad.

Wednesday 24th January

As well as joining the Deputy First Minister on a visit to Dalziel High, Marion was busy working from her constituency office in Motherwell.

Additionally, more answers to questions raised by the Motherwell & Wishaw MP were received from the UK Government, with Marion raising the issue of adequate measures being in place for when ex-servicemen and women claim to have been the victims of abuse during their time in the armed forces.

Thursday 25th January

Thursday saw Marion speaking out against the Tory austerity which continues to plunge children into poverty (full story here), saying:

The Tory UK Government’s austerity obsession is holding Scotland back from eliminating child poverty. Our children are paying the price while the Tories’ friends, donors and the wealthy get richer.

The SNP Scottish Government has been doing what it can with the powers it has including establishing a £50million child poverty fund and expanding free childcare and early learning so that parents are able to work to support their family.

The Scottish Government is also mitigating against welfare cuts including the Bedroom Tax, maintaining Council Tax Benefit, and increasing the child allowance within the Council Tax reduction scheme helping 140,000 children across Scotland.

The SNP’s efforts have ensured Scotland is miles ahead of the UK on tackling child poverty. But we aim to do more.

It is clear with greater powers at their disposal, the UK Government must act by reversing austerity so that children can be lifted out of poverty rather than being pushed into it.

Marion also continued to hold the UK Government account, quizzing David Mundell on the Scotland Office’s relationship with Carillion, sourcing information on how ex-servicemen and women can officially return their medals should they wish to do so, and continuing to raise the many flaws with Work Capability Assessments.

Friday 26th January