26th April 2018


Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, has this week said that Labour are “turning their back” on the Scottish Parliament and that they must make clear to the Scottish public if they will side with the Tories or stand up for Scotland.

The Tory EU Withdrawal Bill would enable the powers of the Scottish Parliament to be constrained without Holyrood’s consent – fundamentally undermining the devolution settlement voted for by the Scottish people in 1998.

Powers over procurement, food standards and animal welfare for example would be wielded by Westminster for seven years without Scotland’s approval.

Former Labour Minister Malcolm Chisholm has said that he hopes “the parties of Devolution will stand with Nicola Sturgeon in defence of the 1998 Scotland Act and the principle of partnership based on consent”.

Commenting, Marion said:

The Tories are attempting to undermine the powers of the Scottish Government in an unprecedented power grab – and Labour are standing by allowing it to happen.

These powers were agreed by the Scottish people in 1998. Any attempt to ride roughshod over them tramples the very principle of devolution and democracy. If it’s fisheries, farming and procurement today, it can be health, education and transport tomorrow.

The SNP understands that common frameworks across the UK are required with the new powers coming from the EU, but they must be agreed between Scotland and London. Not decided for Scotland by London.

Labour are turning their back on the Scottish Parliament. It is time they took a stand for Scotland and worked with the SNP to protect our powers, people and services from the Tories.