EU Withdrawal Bill

12th June 2018

SNP MPs are tonight calling on all opposition MPs to act like an opposition and protect the devolution settlement when voting on amendments to the UK Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill. All parties – especially those Scottish MPs – must vote to block the Tory power grab.

Labour’s amendments leave the door open for the UK Government to breach the devolution settlement as they would leave Holyrood exposed to having its powers constrained and controlled without Holyrood’s consent in any area connected to an international agreement – including trade deals, environmental standards and food safety – all areas of key concern to the Scottish Parliament.

The Tories haven’t received a democratic mandate in Scotland for over 60 years yet they will vote to ride roughshod over Scotland’s will and Parliament which voted against the power-grab. Labour and Lib Dems must join the SNP in defending the very principle of devolution.