Radio: Trump’s Steel Tariffs

30th July 2018

Last Friday, I spoke on BBC Scotland about Trump’s steel tariffs which will only harm industry and workers here and in the USA. The UK Government must stand up for steel like the SNP has and arrange whatever financial or other support it can offer to keep the steel industry viable.

It is positive that tariffs will be reassessed following talks with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker. But this is short on detail and Trump is known to U-turn in a heartbeat. A tit-for-tat trade war should be avoided, but the UK and EU must be prepared to do what it needs to protect industries and jobs here.

The UK Government must deliver financial and other forms of support to ensure the Scottish steel industry remains viable and is able to mitigate the fallout of a potential trade war. The Tories have always viewed industry, such as Ravenscraig steelworks, as expendable. They need to show they care about manufacturing and not just the financial sector.