A solution is needed to end rat infestation

24th August 2018

FULL STORY: A solution is needed to end rat infestation

After being contacted by residents in the Newarthill area about reports of rats, I facilitated a street meeting to listen to the community. During the week, my office also attended a site visit with Network Rail and NLC officials.

I can confirm that NLC officers have accepted my invitation to attend a meeting organised by residents at Brannock High, Monday 27th at 6:30pm.

The rat infestation of Newarthill has been allowed to spiral out of control. We need urgent and extensive action to tackle the problem once and for all.

Residents are right to be outraged. Many are being charged £45 a time for pest control services to deal with the problem at their property – only for it to be moved down the road.

The council needs to consider refunding people and any future action must be free in order to finally tackle the problem and protect public safety.

Works on the nearby train line could have disturbed the rats’ usual dwellings. Network Rail have to investigate this and look at compensating the council for whatever action is taken.

Irresponsible landowners must also be held to account to maintain their lands and council must look into installing CCTV to curb fly-tipping to prevent habitats.

The local community have been incredible in organising and mobilising. They aren’t taking this sitting down and nor should they.