9th October 2018


Last week due to public pressure, the Labour-Tory coalition in North Lanarkshire Council backtracked on its plans to install a flagpole outside the Civic Centre to fly a union flag all year round which would have cost the public at least £20,000.

The Labour-Tory coalition voted for the proposals last week, but has now watered down their plans and will fly the union flag from a smaller, cheaper flagpole.

NLC tried to downplay the flag fiasco by announcing watered down plans to install a smaller, cheaper pole and implying this was the original plan.

This is despite the approved council motion agreeing to “the installation of a fourth flagpole outside the Civic Building” which would ensure the union flag would be flown “alongside” the saltire, NLC flag and flags for special occasions.

Commenting, Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows said:

Thanks to the public’s opposition and outrage to the Labour-Tory coalition’s plans to waste £20,000 on flying a flag, they have been forced into a u-turn and are now saying the flagpole will be smaller and cheaper one rather than from a new, full sized pole.

The council motion states that there would be a fourth pole installed and that the union flag would be flown “alongside” others, demonstrating that the original plans intended to install a full-sized pole. The Labour-Tory coalition are backtracking.

But even one pound on a flag is one pound too many. We are currently suffering under Westminster austerity. Services, communities and incomes are strained. The public were right to hold the Labour-Tory coalition to account for what is an unjustifiable way to spend public money. It shows where their priorities are.

We should be spending money on services; community groups; our economy and jobs. The SNP are doing just that and getting on with the day job.