22nd October 2018

SNP MP Marion Fellows has spoken in Parliament about her own experience of the menopause during a debate to mark World Menopause Day (Thursday).

World Menopause Day aims to raise awareness worldwide for women who face issues when approaching, during and after the menopause. In 2018, World Menopause Day aims to place particular focus on sexual wellbeing after the menopause.

The MP for Motherwell and Wishaw explained how she had come to experience the menopause early and her own experience was a lengthy one. She also made reference to Holyrood editor Mandy Rhodes, who published an article on her own experience of the menopause today.

Commenting after her speech in the Commons, Marion Fellows MP said:

World Menopause Day is an important opportunity for women to talk about their own experiences, contributing to breaking the taboo around the menopause and women’s reproductive health more generally.

It’s time for women – young and old – to speak out in support of each other. Sharing experiences can offer reassurance that women are not alone in this process.

I welcome the work that the Scottish Government are doing in partnership with SPIRE to help women across Scotland and I’m delighted that in my own lifetime, the stigma around menopause is slowly being banished to the confines of history.