ESA Claims: Figures

24th January 2019

Figures for ESA claims are shocking. It shows that the majority of appeals which reach Tribunal (45,000 out of 71,000) are overturned in favour of the person claiming.

Prior to this, 300,000 out of 350,000 of the mandatory reconsiderations (the step before a Tribunal) are rejected. Only a minority go onto appeal at Tribunal.

The UK Government are relying on people being unaware of how the welfare system works so that they fail their reconsideration and also on grinding people down through a long, drawn out, complicated process so that they do not pursue their claim to the end where most people actually win.

Do not allow the Tories to get away with it. You have the right to support and care. People who seek help from agencies are more likely to have a decision made in their favour.

If you have had issues recently with your claim for ESA or PIP and need to submit a mandatory reconsideration, get in touch with my office on 01698 337191 or at

If you have failed your reconsideration and need to appeal to Tribunal or want to make a new claim, please contact North Lanarkshire Welfare Rights (Motherwell: 332100; Wishaw: 332100) or the Citizens’ Advice Bureau (265349).