30th January 2019


Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, has called again for the UK Government to take action on the sale of fireworks after a local pregnant woman’s car was hit.

Marion wrote to UK Government Ministers in November last year following calls from local people to take action by limiting the sale of fireworks due to concerns for public safety, animal welfare and demand on emergency services.

Since then, a local person spoke to Marion about an incident that happened on the afternoon of Bonfire Night when a firework was fired randomly from of a bedroom window.  The firework flew straight through the front passenger windows of a parked car shattering the windows into thousands of pieces.

The owner of the car was pregnant, but thankfully was not in the car during the time.

A brave passer-by was quick enough to remove the burning rocket from the car before it was set alight.

Marion is calling for a local authority licensing system so that “red-tape” ensures “those who pre-planned purchasing fireworks and were prepared to go to the effort of applying to purchase them would be able to access them”.

Commenting, the father of the woman – who wishes to remain anonymous – said:

“Anti-social use of fireworks may seem like fun. But it could have had serious consequences for my family – and right before Christmas. I dread to think if something had happened.

“I’m glad Marion is taking up the issue with the UK Government. People in the area have had enough. It doesn’t make sense that anyone can have access to explosives which could impact peoples’ lives.

“While I’m glad no one was hurt, the damage to the car has caused massive inconvenience for us.”

Commenting, Marion Fellows said:

“People should not be allowed to walk into a shop and walk out with boxes of high grade explosives without any checks. As a result of the UK Government’s policy and someone’s idiotic actions, lives could have been lost or drastically altered. I am relieved that, on this occasion, no one was seriously hurt.

“Every year the community expresses its concerns about the irresponsible use of fireworks and their impact on public safety. Animals become traumatised and emergency services become stretched. There has to be greater regulation while still allowing people to enjoy them.

“We can’t continue to have a system that puts people at risk and that the means to take part in serious anti-social behaviour go unchecked. The UK Government needs to take action or devolve the powers to Scotland and allow communities here to decide for themselves.”