EU Settlement Scheme Scanning

8th February 2019

Rather than answer why only android devices can be used to scan documents of those applying to the EU Settlement Scheme, UK Ministers are just describing the situation back to me. That is not the definition of ‘user friendly’ and the scheme is certainly not fit for the 21st century.

People can send their documents, but given my experience helping people with the Home Office and Department for Work and Pensions, documents frequently go missing. Imagine losing your passport or identity card after Brexit takes place with an immigration hostile environment and having no way to prove you belong here.

The other option: someone from Inverness, Skye or even as far as Shetland will have to travel to Edinburgh to have their documents manually scanned. It is an utter shambles placing roadblocks in front of people.

Given the contributions EU citizens make to our communities, economy and services, the UK Government should be making efforts to keep people here, not driving them away.