Statement on the death of Abbie McLaren on The Loaning, Motherwell

13th February 2019

My deepest condolences go to the family and friends of Abbie who has sadly lost her life. My thanks go to the emergency services who attended and did their utmost to treat her.

The community is rightly heartbroken over what has happened. The response regarding the safety of the road has been overwhelming.

I have since written to North Lanarkshire Council to raise the community’s petition with them and to join their calls in demanding action to improve safety on The Loaning and surrounding streets. I have particular concerns over speeding cars and there being no safe place for pedestrians to cross.

I have previously written to North Lanarkshire Council to raise the community’s fears over speeding and traffic on The Loaning. Signs had previously been added to the road, however it is clear that much more is required.

There is a wider issue regarding the deeply flawed way in which North Lanarkshire Council determines if an area is high risk. They use the Police Scotland accident database. However only incidents that are logged with the Police are included. North Lanarkshire Council must review how it determines an area as high risk and be prepared to listen to the people who use and live on these roads. Communities know best what they need.”