23rd July 2019

The coronation of Boris Johnson by members and MPs of a party Scotland has rejected to implement a Brexit Scotland has also rejected is an insult to Scotland and its people.

Boris Johnson is fanatical and his no deal Brexit plans would bring Scotland and the rest of the UK to its knees. Our food, medicines, and trade would all be at risk. But Boris Johnson and his friends would be shielded from its worst effects. Ordinary people will pay the price.

On the international stage, just like he did as Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson will make the UK even more of a laughing stock. He will act as Trump’s lapdog – scared to speak out against his racism.

Boris Johnson and his allies live in an alternative reality from the rest of us. They do not understand the pressures people face. Austerity and attacks on our communities will continue.

Scotland’s people deserve so much better. And we can do so much better under independence – making the decisions which impact us here in Scotland without interference or the self-interest of dangers like Boris Johnson.