8th August 2019

NLC Tory leader Meghan Gallacher said: “The SNP has been in power in Scotland since 2007, in which time it has made no impact on poverty whatsoever. It’s time the nationalists used the many powers at their disposal…”

This is the comment from a Tory councillor in an article that is specifically about how the SNP’s Welfare Fund is providing a lifeline to people in crisis – often as a result of Tory policies pushing them into poverty.

The SNP has mitigated the Tories’ Bedroom Tax and expanded Carer’s Allowance. The Scottish Government is actively using the powers at its disposal.

While the Tories recite the same tired, old lines, the SNP are taking action to help the most vulnerable in our communities. Not standing on their heads to subsidise tax cuts for the richest like the Tories.