18th October 2019

Despite writing to William Hill CEO, Philip Bowcock, on 16 July and sending a chasing letter on 27 August regarding their announcement that they would close hundreds of branches, I have still received no response.

It’s only two months to Christmas. Staff do not need or deserve this level of uncertainty hanging over them. This is extremely neglectful from an employer.

I have invited Mr Bowcock to meet, but it’s unlikely that this will be responded to, never mind accepted.

In my letter, I sought answers on the following:
– On what basis will stores be chosen for closure?
– At what rate will branches close?
– If there is a timetable for closures?
– When the branch closure programme will begin and conclude?
– What consultation William Hill is carrying out with staff and, specifically, trade unions?
– Most importantly, what support is being offered to staff, including but not limited to, a smooth transition into new work?