31st October 2019

Following my letter to Asda CEO – Roger Burnley – regarding the forceful changing of workers’ contracts, I have received a response refusing a meeting.

Many workers are refusing to sign new contracts as they would lose out on an average of £500 per year and struggle with care responsibilities. Those who don’t sign will face the sack this weekend. This is outrageous and a disgusting abuse of power.

I stand with the workers in Asda in Motherwell and all those across the UK. Asda’s response is not good enough. They must get around the negotiating table. Show your support by signing and sharing this petition.

The Tories have undermined employment law so that it’s easier for employers to get away with whatever they want. The SNP supports the repeal of the Tories’ Trade Union Act to replace it with proper rights so that workers won’t have to tolerate this treatment.